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5 Mar, 2014
Right Click Now Possible on Google Maps
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For all the map junkies all around the world who are heavily dependent on Google Maps to find path and discover new places, here is exciting news. One can now right click on the map area and then can go through many exciting option that is made available by the Google. The prominent options that will be offered are as follows 

  • User can easily get directions from any particular location...

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28 Feb, 2014
Submit Scraper Sites That Outrank You on Google by Google Scraper Report
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Creating content is no doubt a very daunting and tough task. So, if any publisher discovers someone has copied its content and is availing more benefits from it can surely be a very tough and frustrating experience. There are even evidences which show that many websites which has copied contents are getting better ranking then the one which is the original source of the theft...

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28 Feb, 2014
Shopping Campaigns Released by Google to Enrich Users Buying Experience Worldwide
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After following only 3 months beta period and based on a huge number of feedbacks of the adopters who initially adopted it, Google at last has made up its mind to unveil its hugely anticipated shopping campaigns to merchants who make use of the online world and are located in its different corners. This transition was anticipated since very long both by the online users and the merchants who make use of its vibrant platform to sell and market their products and services...

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19 Feb, 2014
Google offers Effective Tips on Those Pages Having Infinite Scroll
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Google recently release advice to the internet users, where it has urged them to implement a search-friendly version of infinite scroll. In a recent post, which was posted on the Webmaster Central Blog, Google recommended that the infinite scroll can be made search engine friendly by converting it into paginated series.

According to the post that the Google, the major problem with the infinite scroll is that the search engine spiders cannot surpass manual user behaviors...

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18 Feb, 2014
Google Updates its Page Layout Algorithm To Find and Penalize Sites Top Heavy With Ads
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Matt Cutts, who is the head of Google’s search spam, has recently announced that the leading search engine has updates it’s Page Layout Algorithm. This filter which is also popular as the Top Heavy Algorithm is specially designed and developed to downgrade the ranking of those web pages having too many ads, which are either unnecessary or are felt to be distracting by the users...

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10 Feb, 2014
Google Asking Many Business Organizations to Re-verify Their Listings In Order to Remain in Google Maps
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There are numerous reports of business owners getting emails from Google who is asking them to re-verify their address listings. The Google wants these organizations to verify their address listings within a short span of 3-weeks, or otherwise their complete listings will be removed from every Google platforms. These platforms will even include popular places such as Google Maps and Google+ Local...

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7 Feb, 2014
Google is now Sending Manual Actions for Spammy Rich Snippet Structured Markup
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Google recently dropped the excess rich snippets that used to get visible with the search results. According to the search engine giant, these snippets have always been a serious issue. The owners try to decorate these snippets by including too many pictures and others attractive looking things. It is for this reason; Google is categorizing them as spam and is now sending notifications...

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29 Apr, 2014
Twitter adds some new search results filters
Posted by: Admin in: Twitter

Twitter recently announced the addition of some new very effective and performance oriented search filters in its search results. The most prominent feature of these filters is that they will help the users carry out the filtering using a significant number of very attractive options. Some of the prominent filters that the Twitter has added:

  • Everything
  • People
  • Photo
  • News
  • Videos
  • Advanced Search
  • All people
  • People you follow
  • Everywhere
  • Near you

There is a huge advantage of including such  search parameters or filters in the search results...

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