Alexa, One of the Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, which powers voice experiences on millions of devices in the home, inclusive of Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, Amazon Tap and Fire TV devices. It is made possible by the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) which adds voice experiences to desired connected hardware built with a speaker and microphone.

Why Alexa Amazon Echo Development?

It’s a voice service providing capabilities and skills, enabling customers to interact with devices in a more perspective way using voice. A couple examples of skills include the ability to play music, answers to general questions, alarm or timer, and much more. We are equipped with talented Amazon Alexa Developer.

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Benefits of Alexa Development

  • Get in Advance: It provides you with an opportunity of the modern form of interaction via a natural user interface.
  • Enhance customer reach: Directly engage with your customers through voice on Alexa-enabled devices, including Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Fire TV devices and devices powered by the Alexa Voice Service.
  • Creative Engaging Experiences: A user-friendly communication since your customers have to just “ask” without a help of hand or eye and it’s at their command.

Types of Skill & it’s Features:-

These skills seem to be magic with help of technology up-gradation of Amazon – Alexa Echo Development. Primarily categorized under two; Custom Skill & Smart Home Skill.
It sounds very amazing & hard to believe that your customers can reach you just by their voice command or you can switch on & off your lights just by a command without moving from your place. Let’s find out below mentioned few skills which can be developed via Alexa Echo by Amazon.

Custom skill

  • Look up information from a web service
  • Integrate with a web service to order something (order a car from Uber, order a pizza from Domino’s Pizza)
  • Interactive games
  • Just about anything else you can think of

Smart Home Skill API

  • Turn lights on and off
  • Change the brightness of dimmable lights
  • Change the temperature on a thermostat, etc.

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