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Evolution of the Search Engine-Old Skool vs New Skool


Search Engines have evolved over the years. From spammy Web 2.0 backlinks to keyword stuffing, marketers have tried it all to crawl their way to the top. But, as we enter 2015, we now understand how search engine giants like Google have evolved their technique of presenting information to the average customer, including how the new generation search engine works.

The wise ones say the best search engine is one where the user has to perform a minimum amount of searches. Here are the many ways in which SEO has evolved over time:

Old Skool: Rankings are Everything, Audience will follow

New Skool: Audience Engagement is Everything, Rankings will follow

This year saw a radical change, all the way from the age-old rankings to the present day user engagement. Previously, people would try to get the exact keyword density of 2.56789% and place all emphasis on on-page optimization techniques like meta-keywords and headers.

However, in today’s world, to succeed and consequently, rank higher; Content should be of high quality and should be liked, shared and talked about socially.

Old Skool: Write for Search Engines

New Skool: Write for Humans, Users

Previously, marketers and content writers wrote content to satisfy the search engine spider crawling the pages. The content was geared towards the computer, and not for a human. However, in today’s age, Content is King. Quality content is very important since the end user is a human, not a computer. Thus, it was important for marketers to understand the importance of quality content for their pages.

Old Skool: The More the Backlinks, the Better the Ranking

New Skool: Build Quality Backlinks, Amount is not a Factor

There was an old-age saying, “More Backlinks lead to Better Ranking”. That is rarely the case today. The modern search engine spider checks for quality backlinks. This approach meant that a website with 15,000 PR0 backlinks and one with two PR5 backlinks will rank the same in a search engine. It emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity.

Old Skool: Use Same Keywords, Anchor Text

New Skool: Use Different keywords, Anchor Text

The previous generation of marketers would use on-page optimization techniques such as keyword density calculation, keyword placement and repetitive anchor tags for better SERP rankings.

However, today, such techniques won’t get you to the top. In the modern era, varied keyword phrases and anchor text is the difference between a good page and an excellent page. Targeting of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords along with anchor text variations rank higher since they are seen as natural. Search Engines prefer Natural Link Building instead of Over-Optimization.

Old Skool: Build Your Company

New Skool: Build Your Brand

In previous times, the company was built for the sole purpose of lead generation and sales. Marketing Teams set targets in place, and the focus was on conversion of the leads.

However, in today’s age, the brand does the work for the company. No company can succeed without proper branding. Clients are more focused on factors such as Trust, Productivity, and Reliability. In the long run, Branding will Sell.

Old Skool: Just SEO will work

New Skool: SEO + SMO + SEM; Combined Technologies

Marketers of the past decade would often get away with just on-page and off-page optimization, i.e. optimizing for SEO alone. However, social media along with changes in marketing strategy has transformed SERP Ranking into a combination of technologies. Today, marketers need to use search engine optimization, marketing as well as social media to rank well in search engines.

We wish this New Year brings along crest of success and prosperity to your business. WildNet Technologies extends its’ wishes to all Clients, Partners and well-wishers, a Very Happy New Year 2015 and hopes to continue serving you for many more challenging milestones to achieve.

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