Wildnet Technologies has extreme experience in developing software for a various embedded devices, such as firmware for embedded systems. Our embedded firmware development solutions which we provide to our clients are independent of an operating system like Windows CE or Linux.

Our equipped skills in producing firmware are based on different programming languages. Considering the size and demands of the project we offer embedded firmware development solutions on the basis of high-level languages like C/C++ or low-level languages like Assembler.

Our Firmware Development comprised of:

  • OS Porting and BSP development
  • Device driver & API development
  • Application software development
  • Testing and validation

This covers the following aspects:

  • Port the operating system to the client’s processor platform
  • Develop the required BSP / LSP for the client’s target board
  • Validate the BSP / LSP using extensive test suites developed for the target board for the particular operating system
  • Develop boot loaders and monitor programs for board bring-up
  • Develop test suites for board integrity tests and debugging

It doesn’t end here. Our unique firmware development products inclusive of:-

1. Android Firmware Optimization
Our firmware development team has profited many clients in these endeavors of optimizing Android system performance. Several factors must be considered for effective execution & development and hence we say it as an art. Backed up by long man-years of Android experience, Wildnet Technologies analyses and presents the list of possible improvement areas.

2. Native Development
Native app development describes the utilization of the native programming languages to build the app. For iPhone, the native programming language is Objective-C and the new Swift. On the other hand Android’s native programming language is Java. We are known for our robust development in native languages focusing on to entertain the user experience with developed apps & firmware.

3. Hardware Acceleration
Accelerator, a positive catalyst. Exactly the way our developed firmware compliments to the device. A bug-free firmware provides a flawless execution of any relevant hardware device. Amazing speed, guaranteed reliability and committed user experience.