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Every business wants to achieve top 10 results on Google, Yahoo and MSN search engine rankings. But can a SEO company guarantee such results? We can, we do and we offer a Guaranteed Moneyback in the highly unlikely event that we fail.

So, how does our Guaranteed Moneyback SEO strategy actually work?

Our tailor made Guaranteed Moneyback SEO service plans are specifically designed to ensure high rankings for your website on major search engines. Over the years, we have mastered the art of using very simple and niche keywords to achieve high visibility for websites.

Our strategy is simple – along with client mutually decide and use specific keyword phrases and apply experienced strategies achieve top rankings for your website. We have found this to be the most cost effective online marketing strategy that brings targeted traffic to a particular website. Also, specific keywords ensure that you get targeted traffic. Check our Guaranteed Moneyback SEO Plans here.

Our Guaranteed Moneyback SEO Guaranty is governed by our guidelines which clearly define when our special SEO services are delivered and when they are not. Please write us to fully understand the Guaranteed Moneyback SEO Service.

Your Accountable SEO Partner

We are not magicians but we do offer measurable SEO results. Our SEO guarantee is governed by our guidelines which clearly define when our special services are delivered and when they are not. As a thumb rule, we apply these guidelines for targeted keywords used in a specific SEO campaign.

Top ranking SEO services are considered delivered when atleast 50% of the keywords land in the top 10 results OR atleast 60% of the keywords land in top 20 results of at least two major search engines with Google being mandatory. If we fail to deliver the above promise, we are committed to give back 50% of the entire money paid for this campaign in past 6 months.

Check our Guaranteed Moneyback SEO Plans here.

Why the Emphasis on Google?

In a perfect world, we can all see our websites rank in the top of major search engine results. The reality is that even though major search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo have some common meeting ground, they all use different algorithms to rank. It’s just not possible to guarantee high rankings in all three search engines.

Another interesting fact is that Google is the most preferred search engine in the world today and is responsible for driving 80% traffic to a particular site. We don’t want our clients to lose vital Google rankings while trying to achieve higher visibility on other search engines. It’s true that our SEO guarantee is more inclined to meeting Google’s requirements but our SEO experts also incorporate solutions that satisfy major requirements of other search engines to ensure top rankings on at least 2 search engines.

Exclusive Moneyback Offer

Are you fed up with SEO companies that promise but fail to deliver?

We are confident of applying our sound SEO techniques and strategies to help you achieve increased web traffic and ultimately enhance your business prospects. In the unlikely event we fail to deliver results as stipulated in the guidelines and agreed in the contract, we promise to pay you back 50% fee of all the month’s fee paid to Wildnet for the subscribed package from Guaranteed Moneyback SEO Plans.

No risk, so much to gain!

The reason behind the 50% Moneyback is governed by the fact that a very high amount of effort and time is invested into executing Guaranteed Moneyback SEO packages and both the parties have skin in the game to make this plan a success.

In this scenario, Wildnet Technologies will refund your payment through the same channel that was used to pay.

Please write us to fully understand the Guaranteed Moneyback SEO Service.

Happy Ranking