Penguin Recovery Process Made Easy

Penguin is a series of Google updates that primarily discount the value of certain types of back links that are found to be unnatural. Penguin updates penalize websites having these unnatural back links by demoting them in search rankings. Sometimes, even good quality websites can lose out on higher search rankings due to the outdated SEO practices they use. If you have been affected by Penguin updates, you need to initiate a Penguin recovery process at the earliest to recover your search engine rankings. At Wildnet Technologies, we have a knowledgeable team of SEO consultants who can help you identify unnatural back links and take remedial actions.

What are Unnatural Back Links?

Unnatural back links include paid links, irrelevant links, links with poor outbound quality, links from poor quality article syndicate websites, links from low value affiliate websites, links from guest posting campaigns and much more. Our Google search engine experts have extensive experience in understanding the effects of back links on search engine rankings and can help you with remedial solutions.

Post Panda Update Revival

A thorough evaluation is the first step of staging a Penguin recovery. We will catalogue all your back links and analyze them for suspect patterns that may have triggered Penguin effects. We will then make recommendations for disavowing all high risk back links while preserving authentic links that promote your website. After removing the links and addressing on page web spam issues, a request can be sent to Google for reconsideration.

By developing high quality content and building natural back links, your website can stage a successful post Penguin recovery. From thorough data gathering to in depth analysis and solution implementation, we have the expertise and a talent pool of skilled SEO professionals who can provide you with end to end Penguin recovery services.