Application Overview

Wildnet created a Dropwash Application for On-Demand Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services in 3-simple steps i.e. user selects convenient Pick Up and Drop Off times, Dropwash Collects Dry Cleaning from Door-steps, Dropwash bring back Clean Clothes at user's selected time for iOS Phones, Android Phones, Android Tab (for Delivery Boys) within 4 months.

Major Challenges

The challenges were Selecting Pick up and Drop Time Slots, Display Ongoing Order Screen as Landing Screen, View Pick-Up and Drop-Off time Slots real time.


Wildnet created flexible database architecture, data model and API to validate all the values and give results accordingly.At every user action, Wildnet validates the user and checks the current status of the orders placed by user without making it a heavy application.


The result was that users were able to Book a service within 3mins of short duration.