The Basics

  • Remote access to a range of object model functionality
  • Encapsulate common functions for lists, webs, site collections & more
  • Run on all front end web servers
  • Heavily dependent on XML & CAML
  • Reside in both virtual & physical file systems

Major needs of Share Point

  • Auto alerts
  • Authentication
  • Imaging
  • Meetings allocation & reminders
  • Directory Management
  • Access allotment
  • Multiple users & tasks perform simultaneously
  • Work with sites & sub-sites at a time
  • Manage list views, etc.
  • Effective communication
  • Safety of data

What does it do?

  • Provide programmatic access via .NET and SharePoint designer
  • Deliver relatively robust remote API functionality
  • Expose SharePoint data repository to disconnected clients
  • Permit communication even as per geographic location
  • Integrate well with WinForms, WPF & Silverlight