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If you’re a marketing director, you probably lead a team of salespeople, help devise marketing strategies and brainstorm advertising campaigns. In other words, you’re involved in breaking down a complex problem into smaller parts.

This is an apt analogy in describing web analytics. It is the understanding of the science of data. How does this data your business? How many people are clicking on advertisements? Is the story behind the campaign making sense? Is your competitor outselling you because he is spinning a better story? The answers to these questions will provide the right strategies.The good news is that since this is a science, you can use tools both on-site and offsite. At Wildnet, we can help you better understand what’s going on behind your online presence.

  • Onsite tools use methodologies for data collection.
  • Reports are generated via log-file and page tagging.
  • Javascript is the primary page tagging language and communicating with third party servers.
  • Log-file analysis downloads all web visits and transactions.

The simple act of clicking in a web browser activates a whole set of systems that analyze and interprets the data.

Offsite web analytic tools can measure various metrics and arrive at results that influence web traffic. The visual appeal of web pages and comments generated through social media give whole new meaning to data analysis. You can use these vital information to fine-tune your marketing plan.

Importance of Web analytics

The measurement of data leads to adapting and developing strategies. In other words, it helps you build a strong online presence. Facebook marketing is a prime example of using the power of data analytics. As we move deeper into a social world, the focus is more on telling stories to promote products rather than in-your-face promotional campaigns.

Google analytics has levelled the advertising field. Size is no more criteria and content and product is king. Measurement of traffic data coupled with behaviour patterns can impact your strategy and help you reach your target audience in an effective manner. The better the web experience you can design and display, the more successful will be your campaign. At Wildnet, we can help get you started in the right direction.