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Significance of Website Ranking on Page 1 on Google, Yahoo or Bing!

At Wildnet Technologies, we believe social signals continue to correlate very well with better search engine rankings. If your website ranks on first page on various search engines, you will get better results than Airport advertisements, Journal inserts and other forms of paid advertisements. Our strategies are not just designed to boost website rankings in search engines, but ensure that your digital assets appreciate. According to the survey in 2013, "the first page listings in Google's organic search results receive 33% of the traffic, compared to 18% on the second page, and the traffic only degrades from there." However, we validate the importance of your website keywords ranks on first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, if it is not it means your business has no value in the near future.

Our modern approach to organic search to bring you on top of search engines:

We offer you an amazing technique called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help you to climb the ladder of success. Our innovative SEO strategy uses technological understanding, research and actual dedication to get you on the first page of Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing organically.

We optimize your site meticulously, through examining how they work and the behavior styles of those who use them and this method has seen us developing effective SEO strategies across all sectors for a number of years.

A leading SEO Company in India Wildnet Technologies have categorized SEO into two main areas, On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.

Our On-Page Optimization Servicesinclude :

  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Selection, research, analysis and testing
  • Creation of Title Tags, Meta Tags
  • Alt tags,
  • Changes in URL structure (if required)
  • Internal link building strategy
  • Content optimization
  • Error 404 page optimization
  • Site Maps, both XML and user facing
  • Keyword URL Mapping
  • HTML Coding, checking and modification
  • H1, H2 & Strong tags
  • Robots.txt
  • Checking of hidden text, links, mirror pages, cloaking, and keyword repetition

Our Off-Page Optimization Services include :

  • Article Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Forum Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Cross linking
  • Video Promotions (if video provided by client)
  • Photo sharing
  • RSS feed generation and submissions
  • Q & A Submissions
  • Review Submissions
  • E-Book Submissions

From choosing the most successful keywords to make sure your website is certified with online look for search engine recommendations and optimizing your meta data, our group have the technological expertise to make sure you that your website get the kick that it needs!

However, if you need to spice up your website, choose our competitive SEO Plans to ensure Page 1 ranking for all your targeted keywords. We have dedicated skilled team of professionals who can manage SEO Campaigns easily and effectively in today’s search engine-reliant world.

Hiring a SEO is a crucial decision that can potentially enhance your website ranking on top, but no one in the industry can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google, Yahoo or Bing. What we can offer you of, based on our extensive years of experience, is first page position for your selected keywords. Moreover, if you don’t get your satisfied positions, out expert brains will work seamlessly to bring your website position on top of various search engines.

One of the prime leaders of SEO Buzz, Wildnet Technologies offers a wide range SEO Services to serve the purpose of increasing your website visibility on top on search results. The company helps their customers to get noticed on the areas where it matters most. From Penguin Panda Updates to HummingBird, we provide you a great deal of information to secure your website ranking being damaged on search engines. Moreover, we strive on to put efforts if your website rankings get lost, maximize your ROI, and many other services.

We at Wildnet Technologies can offer you India’s top SEO services with the right tools and resources. With our world-class services, you are guaranteed to own a search engine friendly website in this highly competitive web market. So, hurry up and avail our best SEO plans now!

Our Latest SEO Results

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Our Opportunity Analysis and Competitive Research services ensure that you find profitable opportunities related to your product or service niche. Our Company SEO experts in India undertake effective competitive research to ensure that your internet marketing campaigns receive the much needed stimulus to achieve higher sales and more profit. Our SEO services are result oriented and designed for providing you with greater ROI. Apart from SEO we also provide SMO, PPC, Web Design and Web development services.
Keyword Research is integral to most SEO services. With a poorly written site, your marketing efforts may not yield the desired results. For many online business owners, this can be quite disappointing as they are not able to get good returns on their investment. What these websites lack is indepth research to find the right keywords and keyword phrases and placing them smartly in the content. This is where Wildnet Technologies can help. At our research center which is based in India, we explore using advanced web tools the most used keywords that are relevant to your niche and can help bring more visitor traffic to your website.

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Hummingbird-A new Google algorithm for spammers

Google has announced its new algorithm 'Hummingbird' to make it more challenging for people who made spamming in their search results or intentionally do things to position better that are against Google guidelines. Hummingbird, a latest Google algorithm is being used by search engines for their new upgrade as they believe this name shows their slogan of coming back accurate and fast outcomes. This latest upgrade has reduced the impact of search phrases or keywords but it has improved the possibilities of providing more appropriate outcomes to customers.

In Google's search method, Hummingbird is the greatest change since its beginning and it mostly concentrates on decoding what user actually wants to look for by using artificial intelligence to analyze words used by users. But, this will impact your website ranking in search engines and many sites have already experienced its effect on their site's positions in Google so far.

What is Hummingbird Update?

People have become much dependent on Google that they now enter too long questions into the search box instead of typing the main relevant keywords for specific topics, therefore the change was required and to be implemented.

Moreover, this change will not impact on those website owners who have high quality original content and using top quality appropriate web links to their site. So, if you are using high quality web links and content, the ranking of your website will not get affected. As per Google, Hummingbird is much more than having a discussion with users. Customers while looking will find it more useful to have a discussion like if users search for "The nearest place to buy electronic products", Search engines will now show the nearest electronic products traders near users place rather than concentrating on search phrases like "buy electronic products". Understanding all these terms may help Search engines go beyond just discovering WebPages with related terms.

Now a million dollar question comes: How 'Hummingbird' and penguin updates will impact links ?

There are many website owners who are scratching their head in thinking how these Google new algorithms 'Hummingbird' and 'penguin' are going to impact links. However, to comprehend the exact impact cannot be determined right now as it is too early to understand, but there are some assumptions that have become a major way toward securing websites and their hyperlinks to help them sustain their positioning, compared with the demotions that some websites experienced after the Panda upgrade. Now we discuss how Hummingbird and penguin will impact links?

  • Unique content with powerful backlinks are not enough to survive in the web world now : This is really hard to understand and believe, but reason explains that if Google is recognizing long keywords and answering questions of the same, it means even if you have the best answer to the particular question and your page containing that answer on page 4, the user or searcher will never look at your page because Google has already answered the question for them.

  • Try to produce quality instead of quantity : Penguin is crazy about superior quality backlinks which includes links from the most relevant sources, links from unique content sites, link from well-renowned and reputable publications, trusty and reliable sites. So, it is imperative to give content that understand people needs and requirements and solve their problems while teaching them something.

  • Search for the content of your site that truly needs reworking : Although it's not required to knee-jerk your content materials or (weblink anchors) into a 100% Question/Answer structure, you must read your material to see which web pages of your website do, actually, response particular concerns, and see if you can further modify it to deliver apparent semantic Q/A alerts within the HTML.

  • Hang out with your links and determine your available options : You must know the exact places to hang out with your links in Google's house of links.

Hence, if Hummingbird has slapped your website and denominate your website ranking on search engines, then you must look for the solutions to improve your ranking in the latest upgrade.

At Wildnet Technologies Pvt. Ltd, we assist our clients improving their website ranking and help them recover their bad links and also from penalties from all new Penguin and Panda updates. We consider the below mentioned steps to revoke manual spam stroke due to bad links:

  • We make use of an extensive Link trimming, SEO Company strategy which is done to recognize and remove artificial, non-organic, and un-natural spam links.

  • Initially we send requests to the webmasters for the first time to eliminate their links from our website.

  • Even, if the webmasters don't consider our request, we generally send them a second request to remove links from our very own website.

  • For webmasters who still don't remove links, we again sent them a request after 4-5 weeks.

  • But, when we get assurance that the webmaster is not removing links, we take special efforts and list them in our rejected list.

Apart from this, we find difficulty in removing 20% - 25% of the links that comes from blog commenting, from link farms, from doorway websites etc. Therefore, we put them in disavow sheet and upload it to Google's currently launched Disavow strong and powerful tool. After that we mention the list of reconsideration for our disavow list for the un-natural links that we find difficulty in removing. This entire process helps us in sustaining from all problems caused due to un-natural links.