Wildnet The Importance of Wireframes in Mobile App Development

The Importance of Wireframes in Mobile App Development

The Importance of Wireframes in Mobile App Development

Author: | on September 11th, 2017 | UI/UX

A. What are Wireframes?

A wireframe is a skeletal structure of a mobile application that helps in consolidating the ideation process and putting it into something that is more tangible and easy to visualize. The wireframe drawn for the mobile development is also known as “skeleton” or “ blueprint”, as they comprise of a low fidelity presentation of the overall flow of a Smartphone application.

B. What are the tools required for drawing wireframes?

Well-designed wireframes give the user a clear understanding of the structure and functionality of an application. It is thus important to know how are these designed and what are the tools to create wireframes. There are a variety of programs that help in designing wireframes. Some of the most popular of them are Adobe Illustrator, Balsamiq, OmniGraffle and Sketch. These tools enable designers to easily map out and organize content in a systematic manner thus ensuring the fabrication of well-drafted wireframes.

C. Why are Wireframes so important?

Wireframe act as a backbone in designing a mobile app. It plays a vital role in the process of Mobile App Development. Thus it is inevitable to learn and study the importance of drawing wireframes. We will here outline the significance of wireframes in making a mobile app and the reason why most of the mobile app development companies offer clients to share their wireframes before the actual coding starts.

C.1   Checking the layout of the app screens: Wireframes give an in-depth understanding of the overall UI and the individual design layout of each screen This helps in chalking out the way in which the content would appear on the app screens.

C.2   Measuring app usability and checking out changes:  The process of Mobile App Development has constant modifications. If the app is complex, there can be a condition that a plethora of changes are made which makes it difficult for the developer to remember each of them. Thus drawing wireframes helps in fixing the issue.

C.3    Understanding the app working process: Wireframes are often referred to as ‘outlines’. They act as a vital link between a theoretical app idea and the final form of application. Thus wireframes help the developer in understanding the actual working process of the app and the way in which the app idea is going to be deployed.

C.4   Wireframes facilitates understanding of in-app navigation:  The wireframe of a mobile app is a pictorial representation of how the end-users are going to use that app. It helps in knowing the flow of the app and thus help the developers in designing them and in making changes if necessary.

C.5   Wireframes helps in meeting Deadlines:  Most of the Mobile App development companies share wireframes with their clients at every stage. This helps them in suggesting any changes or modifications required to be made in the app. This way the developer ensures that there are no issues in the final delivery of the project and the app is designed well in time.

C.6   Giving Cost Advantage: Drawing wireframes helps in minimizing errors. This clearly reduces cost and saves times. The developer gets to know about the shortcomings in the app design before the actual coding starts which helps in detecting the errors thus making the entire process cost-effective.

This is why wireframes are so important. It is one of the most important designing tools that is needed in the initial phases of any app development process. They are used as a part of app enhancement procedure too. This procedure is done with an aim to set up the fundamental structure of a device before it is visual and the content is included.

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