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Software Product Consulting

Our team stays connected throughout the product development cycle and helps make your software product better!

Seamless system integration with robust security
Project scope detailing & TCO optimisation
Performance engineering & scalability benchmarking

Custom App Development Consulting

We cater to startups, SMEs, enterprises, and agencies with customised applications that are flexible & scalable for their unique needs.

Automate and facilitate daily business workflows
Improve employees’ productivity,
Increase customers’ loyalty

QA & Testing Consulting

We perform a wide range of QA testing to identify potential security threat areas and recommend effective remedial measures accordingly.

Wireless network analysis & assessment
Upgrade existing security application
Project security analysis and consulting

Agile Consulting

We provide expertise & guidance to organisations in adopting & implementing agile methodologies in software development by facilitating the adoption of agile principles.

Conducting Agile maturity assessments
Assisting with Agile processes
Empowering teams with the necessary skills

Data Analytics Consulting

Our experts help organisations leverage their data assets to gain vital insights and make data-driven decisions with our expertise in data modelling, data governance, and advanced analytics.

Designing & implementing data analytics strategies
Maintaining data accuracy & quality
Offering training and support

Cyber Security Consulting

Our services cover security’s strategic, operational, and technical aspects, from developing a future-proof security program to implementing dedicated controls and technologies. These measures help efficiently handle software & IT infrastructure vulnerabilities and detect & prevent intrusion attempts.

Cybersecurity program assessment
Security program development and improvement
Cybersecurity assessment
Cybersecurity risk analysis
Compliance consulting
Application security consulting
Vulnerability assessment
Social engineering testing
Red team assessment
Implementation assistance

AI Consulting

Whether it’s Home Services AI Consulting or AI Consulting services, we guide you to unlock the power of AI and revolutionise your business with our comprehensive AI consulting services. With a technology-neutral, outcome-driven approach, we provide valuable insights and strategies that redefine workflows and enhance the customer experience, all backed by our expert support.

Use Case Definition
Data Preparation
ML Model Development
AI Infrastructure Setup
AI Software Development
User Training & Support

IT Strategy Consulting

We review your existing resources, business strategy, technologies, & other key aspects for the apt digital transformation of your business.

Assess the current business process
Assign maturity ratings to apps
Generate process analysis reports

Digital Transformation Consulting

Our digital evolution strategies help businesses improve efficiency by prioritising, planning, implementing, and guiding digital initiatives.

Seamless ECommerce transformation
Collaborative remote work culture
Optimised supply chain solutions

App Maintenance & Support

Our autonomous app maintenance services include 24/7 customer service and bug fixing backed by the best industry standards to ensure your digital investments are always safe!

App version upgrades & enhancements
Full-stack security & vulnerability support
Hybrid app integration services

CRM Consulting

We help organisations optimise their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies & systems by providing support and customisation ensuring the successful adoption of CRM software.

Conducting CRM audits
Assisting in CRM system selection
Maximising user adoption

Gaming Development Consulting

Our super awesome gaming and entertainment experts have experience in designing & developing everything from Apps to AAA games across multiple platforms.

Project Design
3D Animation
Environment & Concept Art
Motion Capture
Asset Management
Product Licensing
Content Development
Community Management
Production Support

Blockchain Consulting

We cater to businesses of all sizes & domains, offering transparent, efficient, and automated solutions. Our services include blockchain consulting, dApps development, DeFi development, smart contracts, and hyper ledger development. Trust us for robust and tailored blockchain solutions.

Hyperledger Development
dApps Development
Smart Contract Development
DeFi Development Services
Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
NFT Marketplace Development
NFT Game Development
Private Blockchain Development
Blockchain for Supply Chain
Decentralized Marketplace
Digital Asset Management
Document Management

Data Science & Machine Learning Consulting

Wildnet’s data consulting services harness custom-built machine learning algorithms to unlock insights from your raw data. Our experts delve into your business, offering tailored solutions to drive informed, data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge.

Supply chain management
Production efficiency
Predictive maintenance
Transportation and logistics
Operational intelligence
Customer analytics
Financial management
Natural language processing
Computer vision

Why Should Businesses Invest In Software Consulting Company?

Expert Guidance

Partnering with a top software consulting company provides businesses with expert guidance and insights into the latest technological trends & advancements.

Customised Solutions

Software Consulting Agencies offer tailored solutions that align with the unique needs & goals of businesses, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

Cost Savings

By leveraging the expertise of a technology consulting firm, you can avoid costly mistakes and streamline your software development processes, leading to significant cost savings.

Enhanced Performance

With the help of software consulting services, businesses can optimise their existing systems and processes, leading to improved performance and operational efficiency.


As businesses grow & evolve, software consulting company can assist in scaling their technology infrastructure and applications to accommodate increased demand & user requirements.

Competitive Advantage

By staying on top of the latest tech advancements and industry best practices, businesses can garner a competitive edge in respective markets with the assistance of software consulting services.


A Foremost Provider of Software Consulting Solutions.

Wildnet, a leading software development consultancy, offers innovative features and high-quality support services. Catering to diverse technology needs of Startups, Enterprises, Product Companies, Digital Agencies, SMEs, and Governments, we lead the market of top software companies.

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The duration of a consulting engagement with Wildnet, a reputable software consulting firm, varies based on project scope and complexity. We work closely with you to establish realistic timelines, ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality solutions aligned with your business objectives.


At Wildnet, a leading technology consulting firm, we measure success based on key metrics such as project timelines, budget adherence, client satisfaction scores, and achievement of milestones. Additionally, we track the impact of our services on your business performance, including increased efficiency, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction.


Yes, our consulting services are available to assist you at any stage of your software journey, including post-installation. Whether you need guidance on optimization, troubleshooting, or future enhancements, our team is here to support you.


Yes, we provide system documentation as part of our software development consulting services. Our team of experts documents every aspect of the software development process, including requirements, design, testing, and deployment, to ensure that our clients have access to all the necessary information.

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