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PPC Management Software – Custom API Development

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PPC Management Software – Custom API Development

Author: | on August 31st, 2020 | Trending

When it comes to handling an effective PPC campaign, there is no such thing as set it and forget it. Every PPC campaign – big or small – is a dynamic, living thing – requiring constant tinkering and optimizing to make it yield higher and higher ROI.

In an agency setting, where big budgets, multiple product lines, and thousands of keywords are typical in every client account – this complexity takes on gargantuan dimensions. It can suck up hundreds of manhours while still leaving lots of room for manual errors.

This is why almost every agency in the digital marketing realm utilizes PPC management tools. However, they all have their limitations. Made for the masses, they offer mostly generic and basic functionalities that are sure to hit a roadblock as soon as client requirements become specific.

What are Ads APIs? 

The Ads Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are designed to assist programmers in developing applications that interact directly with the advertising platforms so that marketers can manage marketing campaigns efficiently. Ads API programming is especially helpful to online marketing professionals who manage large or complicated paid media campaigns without any hassles.

The smartest way to extend your customer’s reach and offer them more value is by working with PPC tools that do EXACTLY what you want – through customized PPC Management APIs like Facebook API, Google API, Adwords API also called as Google Ads API, Bing Ads API, Amazon Advertising API, Google display API, Facebook Marketing APIs, Twitter Advertising API, Adsense API, Local Search API, Adzuna API, AntiAdblocker API. 

What Are Customized PPC Management Tools? And Who Needs Them?

The most commonly available PPC management tools have built-in features such as bid management, notifications, keyword management, and research. As we mentioned before, these are the ordinary functionalities available to everyone.

However, for organizations such as a digital marketing agency, a paid media service company, or a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) company, the Regular PPC ad campaign management tools are not enough to provide enhanced customer results or scalability. To stand above the clutter, you have to do more! And that extra bit of magic comes from developing unique functionalities around primary search engine APIs like Google Adwords APIs, Bing API, Facebook API, or Amazon APIs.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With An Experienced enterprise PPC Management Software Development Firm?

Imagine if you can automatically change PPC campaigns based on the weather, or give your biggest client weekly quality score trackers for their 100s of active campaigns!

Specialized features for special clients are not possible to create on a run-of-the-mill PPC management tool. Only when you build an in-house PPC management tool can these become possible.

With more flexibility and accessibility comes –

Speed and Time Savings with Automation

PPC Campaign Management Software developed by a specialized team such as Google Ads API developer brings in personalized automation to regulate and reduce repetitive tasks. This not only lets you manage your campaigns in real-time but also allows you to use your staff in areas where they can contribute more with their talents.

Using templated campaigns with automated traffic estimations can massively reduce the time spent on setting up a new campaign and deciding budgets.

Customer Delight

Higher ROIs, leaner budgets, and customized reports are just some of the ways in which you can keep your customers loyal to your agency. Bring them more value by creating a more personalized UX for them.

Dynamically optimizing campaigns throughout the campaign’s duration by automatically adjusting keywords for performance improvement can dramatically improve ROIs. Using Google API development tools can allow you to automate budget allocations, bidding management, keyword replacement, and geography through predefined strategies. 

Better Control Through Personalized Reports And Notifications

Understanding whether your money is going in the right direction requires an overview of the whole process. Google API or Facebook API or Bing API developers can tweak platforms to provide reports, notifications, and alerts for ANY criteria you choose. Conversion tracking, account performance reports, automated budget services, and any other metric or data range can be mixed and matched to give you unique insights and control over each campaign. 

Automatic reporting filtered by each customer account can save client-facing employees a lot of time while at the same time, ensuring that feedback loops are well maintained. Data visualizations on custom metrics can also be vital to decide the next steps of a campaign.

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So, How Can You Get Your Own Customized PPC Management Tool?

With us, of course! Wildnet Technologies has over 15 years of experience in software development and engineering. With 300+ Technocrats, Digital UI/UX, and cloud software development experts, our range of expertise covers all facets of the virtual world – from cloud solutions to mobility and App development to UI/UX consultation.

With us helming your Google API, Bing API, or Facebook API development, you will not just get the functionality you ask for but also a whole ecosystem that drives improvement. We don’t just build APIs that solve a problem; we ensure that the recommendations and insights they generate make your business better as a whole.

Ready To Get Thousands Of Happy Customers, Better ROI with Award-Winning Technology? Get Started. Get a quotation.

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