A Microsoft product which is modifying the game of web development. It allows developing, package and deploying amazing applications & services to the cloud with Azure Cloud Services; that too just in the click of a button.

Once the application is deployed, that’s it, your formality is complete. Now onwards from provisioning to health monitoring, to load-balancing Azure handles all. Azure developed application is backed by an industry-leading 99.95% monthly SLA. Feel proud!

Uniqueness is this, Azure Services Platform can be used both by applications running in the cloud & by applications running on local systems.

Features of Azure Development:

  • Deploy highly-available, infinitely-scalable applications and APIs
  • Deploy thousands of instances in minutes
  • Integrated health, monitoring and load-balancing
  • Focus on apps, not hardware
  • Autoscale to meet demand and save money
  • Support for Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Dot NET and Ruby
  • Automatic operating system and application patching

Wildnet’s Azure Development Services

Our Offerings in Microsoft Azure include:

  1. Microsoft Azure Development Services integrated with existing solution
  2. Microsoft Azure Application Migration Services for ISVs
  3. Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Services
  4. Microsoft Azure Cloud Automation
  5. Microsoft Azure Managed Services
  6. Microsoft Azure Enterprise Mobility Services
  7. Microsoft Azure Migration Services
  8. Microsoft Azure Storage and Disaster Recovery Services

Azure Services Platform:

Azure Services Platform components with their rich technical capabilities:

Windows Azure endorses scalable computation and storage to user applications & also to other Azure Services Platform components.

DOTNET Services coordinate user login credentials across varying security schemes & offers distributed infrastructure services to cloud-based and local applications.

Live Services provide users to coordinate data across all of their devices and share data with friends and associates selectively.

SQL Services offers data storage for applications executing in the cloud and in corporate data centres.

Microsoft Azure deals in an enterprise-grade cloud platform which meets present day enterprise application demands