Salesforce Development at Wildnet

Wildnet Technologies offers a wide range of Salesforce services based on your business needs. We have a dedicated team of Salesforce certified Professionals and Administrators who leverage strong expertise in Customization, Migration, Integration and Extension of your Salesforce using, Appexchange and Visualforce.

  • Sales cloud – Leveling up your lead capturing process.
  • Service cloud – Ameliorate your customer support process.
  • Data Cloud – Connect to every customer, encourage and gauge the process of interaction.
  • Community Cloud – Address your concerns with community cloud with the power of chatter.
  • Analytics cloud – Streamline your data visualization and mobile access with Wave Analytics.
  • App cloud – A unified and consolidated user experience such as that offered by Salesforce lightning.

Our Major

Wildnet has an extensive experience in providing resource friendly solution to the clients thus helping in designing a rich strategy to implement Salesforce solutions. Our team of qualified developers help to:

Understand your business better with Forecasting

Improve Customer Service with Self-Service and improved deflection in any channel

Increase win rates with Social Competitive Intelligence

Collaborate various sales and marketing unit under one umbrella

Our Main Service Features

We are Salesforce development experts with experience in catering to enterprises belonging to all domains. We here at Wildnet specialize in creating Salesforce tailor made solutions using, AppExchange and visualforce. We have

  • Sales managers: We can provide real-time visibility of your team’s activities so you can forecast sales with confidence and report with ease
  • Marketers: We can provide an integrated experience that extends your company’s voice, reaches new audiences, and builds your customer base
  • Customer Service: We can connect all the conversations that happen on social networks with the internal knowledge your agents use every day. That way, your customers get answers fast. And it costs you less as well.
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