“Understanding The Source Code”

White Box Testing

Deployment of winning products every time, calls for scrutinizing software to pinpoint areas requiring improvement and that results comply with the expected quality. Our understanding of crucial aspects of testing in software development has helped us in becoming the global leading platform for world-class white box testing services.

Wildnet, in its past few years has managed to assist countless businesses introduce improved products and tenfold their chances of success. As this category is usually adopted during the early development stages, our Quality Analysts efficiently predict bugs, precise component identification for enhancements, and suggest and implement ideas that bring an end product close to everything the client has envisioned.

“Ameliorate User Experience”

Black Box Testing

Analyzing the in and out of a software, we are proficient in testing aiming to achieve what you desire.Black Box testing is an integral part of application development. Wildnet Quality Analysts ensure that their clients avail best-in-class testing services. Their emphasis is not only to obtain the expected results in a software product, but to ameliorate user experience. Black-box technique incorporates the identification of slightest anomalies and security vulnerabilities through automated tests.

Functional Testing

“No matter how complex your application is, our experts will get it working just as you have always wanted!”

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Non-Functional Testing

“An inadequate performance can not only cost considerable loss, but also the major portion of audience.”

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“A Rigorous Examination”

QA and Testing Services at Wildnet

While finalizing a software product, every QA at Wildnet dedicates his/her expertise ensuring seamless functionality, incredible performance and unmatched security. The world of technology is changing at an unprecedented rate as domains of Mobile and Web, Cloud, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, etc calls for ability to face erratic challenges. At Wildnet, the team of expert Quality Analysts with technology domain expertise offers :

  • Assured expected outcomes
  • Testing methodologies that are reliable and help customers predict time to deploy the final product
  • Major emphasis on product quality and performance with strong domain expertise
  • Particular and specific services intended for specific results

Staff augmentation

We take immense pride in our experts. Majority of them have an impressive work experience of more than 6 years and they are just unstoppable. Our Competitive Analysis professionals are exposed to broadened leeway to research and learning. And here is what they are proficient at–

Timely deliveries as per service-level agreement

Timely updates on project

Ensuring attendance on weekends

Thorough back-end knowledge and software programming