Leverage the power of Facebook!

Facebook has proved to be a great platform for marketing businesses as it enables interacting with existing as well as potential clients in a better way. However, increasing audiences is not as straight as it seems. Facebook paid advertisement is the best way to increase your pages’ audience. It works amazingly, letting you target a huge mass of Facebook users, who might be interested in your business. Even though paid activities in it have become quite popular, it is still not very expensive as you might think.

At Wildnet Technologies, we offer Facebook paid activities to our clients, regularly managing and administering your campaign to enhance the ROI.

Paid activities we do on Facebook

We carry out different paid activities on Facebook to help you market your business in a better way.

  • Click to the website: Click to the website is one of the several activities on facebook that can drive traffic to your business website. It is done in 2 ways –
    • Links: You can send important sections of your website to people either by creating desktop feeds, mobile feeds or right column ads.
    • Carousel: With it, you can display 3 to 5 images in a single ad and direct the viewers to specific locations of your website. This can as well be done by creating desktop feeds, mobile feeds or right column ads.
  • Website Conversion: This can be done either by links or carousel. You can optimize your ad and convince people to carry out certain actions on your websites, such as signing up for the newsletter or even buy your products and services.
  • Page Post Engagement: This is another very effective way to get audiences to your business website. This technique allows you to boost certain posts on your facebook page that will entice people to like, comment or share your posts on their profile or page. When you boost your posts, whether it is a photo, text or video, you will be able to reach out to more people.
  • Page likes: Through paid activities, you are likely to get more page likes than through organic methods. This is because; it flashes your pages either as desktop feeds, mobile feeds or right column ads, which makes it noticeable. This as well lets you connect with people who matters to your business.
  • App Install: If you have an app and you want to market it on Facebook, app install is the best way to do it. This will help you get more people to install your app either on desktop or mobile through desktop feeds, mobile feeds or right column ads.
  • App Engagement: Using app engagement whether, for your mobile app or desktop app, you will be able to get more activity.

Create Facebook Ads to market your business in a better way!

  • Local Awareness: By creating ads on this platform, you will be able to reach out to local people within the vicinity of your business. This can be done either as a desktop feed or as a mobile feed. However, this feature is available only in some countries.
  • Event Responses: Events are the best way to reach out to the masses. However, unless you promote it you will not be able to reach out. Promoting your events by creating desktop feeds, right column ads or mobile feeds, you can get more response.
  • Offer claims: Discounts and deals have become essential to sell products and services in the market owing to the growing competition but without out proper advertisement, your customers will not come to know about it. Through Facebook ads, you can promote the timely discounts or other deals to claim in your store.
  • Video views: Emotions sell best in the market. Narrate the story by making a video in your ad.