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Rebranding WildNet: Recreating an Era of Modern Digital Marketing


This anonymous quote defines the modern business organization. It is easy to deduce the importance of branding to business growth and output by studying the top brands present in the industry. Companies spend a considerable amount on branding so as to increase social awareness, revenue, following and business image. In the past, branding and optimization did not catch the eye of marketers wanting to enhance the potential of the company. However, upon realizing the hidden power of this useful technique, firms quickly capitalized and gained an edge over their competition in many industry sectors.

Wildnet Technologies understands the significance of branding and its impact on business output in the modern era. However, the process of rebranding, along with a complete image makeover requires an exceptional amount of planning and coordination. Here is where our dedicated team of professionals (each an expert in varying skill-sets) worked in coordination with an evolved look and style for our clients and visitors.

Right from creating blueprints to outlining the various stages of the make-over by defining each section having a specific purpose to accomplish the mission of the company. Slowly and steadily, baby steps led to a leap of faith as deadlines were met and eventually, the website launched early in the new year.

It is, effectively, a synergy comprising of dedication, professionalism and execution. Wildnet followed similar steps on its journey to achieve a complete image make-over with launching of global IT Staff Augmentation as its another vital service.

The site is continuously enhanced in terms of branding and SEO optimization. The amount of effort put into the rebranding phase by Wildnet amounts to many hundreds of hours. Although the task was not simple, Wildnet is proud to have met the deadlines and, in spite of the many hurdles in its way, has produced an asset immeasurable in numbers. Wildnet has come a long way from being a local SEO agency to becoming a leader in the field of Digital Marketing amongst its competitors. This very aspect is what sets the company apart from other key players in the market, and we hope to continue putting our best into every project taken over by us.

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SEO ServiceRebranding WildNet: Recreating an Era of Modern Digital Marketing

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About Wildnet

Established in 2006, Wildnet Technologies is a pioneer in IT Consulting and Digital Marketing community. Our drive to satisfy our esteemed clients in meeting their online goals inspired a sense of passion & fascination in the Wildnet Family in becoming a fully-fledged Digital Marketing agency. Wildnet takes pride in being Google Certified Partner and a distinguished firm with recognitions and accolades to serve the growing needs of various businesses across the globe.