Salesforce Customization

When it comes to mobile platforms and app developer solutions, Wildnet Technologies is right at the cutting edge. Enterprise mobility consulting is our strength.

  • We can develop and test mobile applications on SalesForce mobile SDK, iOS and Android mobile applications.
  • We can tailor custom components and implement on SalesForce frontend

The advantage of customization helps your field force to collect, store and share data. Decision making will become easier as data workflow gets streamlined.

Helping customers with data rationalization

Wildnet has over the years built enterprise mobile apps with customers’ data. This trusted cloud platform allows for easy and instant access to customers data using REST and APIs.

As our team is well versed with Apex the primary language on which SalesForce is built and we are experts in understanding the business logic of customers. Standard HTML5 mobile apps developed on leading Javascript frameworks will keep your customers smiling and looking forward to a more profitable future.

Using social media via mobile apps

Our developers are tuned into the social blog sphere. We can help customers and employees who use your mobile app to be socially engaged with Chatter REST APIs. Location awareness is a snap in our mobile app development as is the analytics that brings clarity and purpose to your data from any mobile device.

Wildnet Technologies lives up to its motto of nurturing possibilities because of our core strengths that are used to execute projects 100% every time. When it comes to mobile app development, we’ll be sure to ‘app-tivate’ your audience!