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Visual marketing strategies and optimization

Visual content is at the top of any marketing strategy as it has a tremendous impact on those who are exposed to this information. Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr have achieved the fastest growth among image based social networks. According to WebDAM (Data scientists from Silicon Valley) human beings are perceiving content in direct proportion to the way technology is evolving.

  • 8 seconds is the average attention span (in some cases the average was 2.8 seconds)
  • 81% skim readable content. Average user reads only 20 to 28 percent – this statistic courtesy of usability guru Jakob Nielsen.
  • People form an initial impression in just 50 milliseconds.
  • Visual communication will be 84% by 2018
  • Posts with images are likely to produce engagement 650 percent higher than text only posts.
  • Apart from these fascinating trends Facebook recorded 87% more engagements for brands that had videos. So is the case with Twitter.

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Are you harnessing the stunning power of visuals in your brand building strategy? So how do you create great visual content?

Ask the experts at Wildnet Technologies

  • We know how to create visual content and produce eye catching videos.
  • We understand the power of YouTube marketing, video blogs.
  • We know what and which video forums in the YouTube community will give the most reach.
  • With vast industry experience in using analytics we can target demographics and provide outcome measurements that will augment marketing strategies.

Wildnet Technologies provides video production services that include marketing video productions, videography services and customizing YouTube for proper video optimization.

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