Online Talent Booking App No middleman. No mess. No Fuss.


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Business Model:
Fixed Cost

Technology Used:
PHP | Android SDK | Core Java | Swift | Firebase (FCM) | Laravel | Gitlab

Business Idea

It’s a unique, patented and pioneer idea to leverage event professionals with a peer to peer online talent booking platform to find the right celebrity, link with the true representatives of the celebrity and to procure top artists for events, without any hassle.
The main aim of this platform is to cut out third party agents and to eradicate the misrepresentation, miscommunication and over-quoting that are part of the manual booking process.

Disruptive app, saves time

Offers direct access to some of Australia’s best talent to perform and speak

The Uber of celebrity talent

Australian invention that streamlines and simplifies the entire booking process for performers, managers, agents, clients – everyone

Secure Documentation

Facilitates secure contract exchange and allows direct payments between event organizer and celebrity representative.

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Apart from features like Exclusive Search Functionality, Booking Calendar, facilitating Secure contract exchange and direct payments certain other challenges include

Multiple Users & Multi Device

Creating simplified tool for three different log in users – the client, the talent rep and the artist, to efficiently Communicate, Confidential in-app Negotiations and Close deals was bit tricky.

Instant updates and Transparency

To ensure everybody is on the same page, an app was required which should host every single document & time within an environment that updates with instant notifications, maintaining the confidentiality & security.

Major features of the mobile Apps (iOS and Android) and Web application platforms are


Search for the desired talent based on category, fill in your event details and be placed in direct contact with the talent’s true representative.


Clients Communicate, Contract and Pay Talent representatives invoices directly.

Manage Patented CMS

Host all Event documents, Commercial agreements and information securely in one place with instant notifications about any booking updates / changes.

We evolved to embrace and invent a solution through technological advancement, to satisfy the on- demand requirements. The platform streamlines and transparently removes all the friction between everyone so the event manager isn’t calling the agent who’s then calling the manager, who’s then calling the artist.”

Efficient Multi-device Application

A creative and scalable application for different users on varied devices – iOS app, Android App and a Web application platform which leverage elimination of friction through ease of use, the promotion of transparency and a promise of a better experience overall has been developed.

Real Time Content Management system

Whenever anything changes –a performance time, a sound check time, a document is uploaded or changed – everyone connected to that booking is instantly notified by their phones or their computer in sub two seconds.



The final outcome is a transformative solution that safeguards the interests of clients, talent and their representatives and provides a transparency, and better experience throughout. Effectively the solution developed is a “modern day fax machine”, it’s a communication tool that has many Since the launch, in less than three month, over 400 accounts were created on the app and 70 enquiries were resulted in 21 bookings. The app features just over 1,500 talent out of approximately 2,700 talent which makes the client proud and our team received immense appreciations from the client. They are now on the urge of launching the same for global market.

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