Wildnet Java Web Development – Why, When and How?

Java Web Development – Why, When and How?

Java Web Development – Why, When and How?

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Java Web development – Why to choose Java for web development? When to choose Java as a technology for your application? And How to choose the best Java Developer?

Some of the most popular high-traffic websites we find on the internet today use Java. For example,

Aliexpress.com is an online shopping website known for selling toys, tools and accessories for home and garden, fashion, and electronic items.

LinkedIn is the most popular platform for more than 500 M members. The Java-powered website platform is an excellent offering connecting professionals across the globe. Moreover, people can get important insights and latest findings related to their work area.

Another spectacular exemplification of Java for websites is Salesforce.com. Salesforce, as of today, is one of the most preferred platforms intended for business expansion. Salesforce is the CRM cloud-based system that allows effective catering of customer expectations through customer service, marketing techniques, sales platform, communities, analytics, etc.

Well, the list of such websites is huge. Java has fueled the growth of all these businesses through its strength and stability features.

According to the survey from Oracle, countless enterprises choose runtime JAVA platform. And this popularity becomes even more pronounced when server applications of Java handle millions of requests every 24 hours.

ADVANTAGES of Java for an outstanding work

The statistics and countless more can grab your attention towards this very old, most popular platform for one more time!

Its development in 1991 at Sun Microsystems aimed at
a. Reducing implementation dependencies to the minimum
b. Independence of OS or hardware or a device

And there is more to the BENEFITS of Java applications –

a. The object-oriented model makes application development in Java all the more easy and hassle-free
b. Java boasts its two-stage system or more commonly we call interpreter and compiler. It is simple, small language you’ll ever come across.
c. Java is all about security which makes it perfect for application development. Apart from ensuring code reliability, Java is excellent in dealing with memory management issues. It pinpoints errors and reduces system crashing possibilities.
d. Java is portable, i.e. it can easily migrate from one system to another, irrespective of software and hardware in question.
e. Catering to data functionality as well as that of an application’s, Java is popularly known as Distributed programming language. It can easily access objects at a remote location using the Internet.
f. Java has exceptional compatibility with applications of multi-threaded nature for enhanced performance.
g. Java is extensible. Java is a dynamic language.

Some popular FRAMEWORKS of Java and their capabilities

1. JavaServer Faces – Oracle Support. Awesome documentation at hand. Impressive performance with IDE software. Rich collection of libraries.
2. Google Web Toolkit –Google’s offering. Great documentation. Incredible support. Simple to learn and use. Highly responsive applications.
3. Struts – Creates aesthetic applications. Bolsters the web application foundation. Less development time. Less time to test. Easy for testing purposes.
4. HIBERNATE –High-quality. Modifiable. Configurable. Incredibly convenient. High speed. Works well with a number of databases. Good scalability.
5. Spring MVC –Oldest frameworks yet one of the best. Adaptive to changes or any developments. Offers security. Clean and accessible code. Great community to look forward to for any help.

Other notable and quite popular frameworks of Java are Vert.X, Apache Wicket, Vaadin, Grails, Play, etc. Each of these frameworks has its own set of capabilities such as ease of use, scalability, strengthened the application, less time consumption, and many more.

QUALITIES of a good Java Web Developer

Java web development is a demanding job as the end results are quite fascinating and worth every effort invested during the application development. Every business looking to hire a java web developer should necessarily look for the following –

Understanding of –
1. HTML forms,
2. Basic servlet lifecycle,
3. Servlet-JSP interaction
4. Creating Bean in a JSP page
5. Collections API and their working
6. JSTL tag library and its usage
7. Turning static HTML page into a dynamic JSP page
8. Web scopes of request, application, and session
9. Integration of CSS, HTML and JavaScript next to JSTL tags

Java Web Development at Wildnet Technologies

Above are the pre-requisites of a good Java Web Developer. Undoubtedly, with the core knowledge of the dialect, any developer or essentially the team of developers can bolster web development. Hereafter, the development team can take on frameworks that are vital for creating complex yet aesthetic, effective applications.

To proffer state-of-the-art techniques in development, a good Java web development company such as Wildnet Technologies has a crucial role to play. We have managed to give our clients the best of their business through Java potential.
If you are looking to get your application developed using this forever platform, it is time to make your selection of the company.

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