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KOTLIN : A Revolutionary tool for Android Developers

KOTLIN : A Revolutionary tool for Android Developers

By: | on August 1st, 2017 | Mobile App

A. What’s new in Kotlin:

There’s an app that is being launched for the  Android TV, one that fits pretty well into the overall brand. That is “News About Android TV”, an app which curates all of the site’s content from various sources and makes it available for the users in a simple TV app. This is free to download on Google Play. What’s interesting about this app is that a lot of it was written in Kotlin.

B. What creates demand for Kotlin :

The dynamic world of Android Development is looking forward to the emergence of a new language that will bring a prominent change and ameliorate the process of development of diverse applications for Android. This has been named as Kotlin. This new language is high in demand since:

  • It is developed and enhanced by Google.
  • It has made app development easier and faster than ever before.
  • It has made app development more convenient which has helped the developers in increasing their productivity.

C. What is Kotlin:

Kotlin  is a statically- typed programming language. A statically typed language is the one where the process of verifying and enforcing the constraints is done during the compile time. A deep insight into the language shows the following:

  • The language runs on Java Virtual Machine.
  • The language has been designed to be an industrial strength object oriented language which is slightly better than Java.
  • The advent of the language will bring in a lot of big and small changes in Android Development.

D. Why is Kotlin Preferred over Java :

A thorough study on the language has proved Kotlin to be slightly better than Java. The study reveals the following facts that makes Kotlin preferred over Java .

  • It’s an open source
  • Kotlin compiles to JVM bytecode or JavaScript.
  • Kotlin has a much smaller learning curve than Java.
  • It imposes no runtime overhead.
  • Kotlin possess better IDE support.
  • Kotlin  allows the  natives to run Kotlin application without JVM (not supported yet).

E. Where is Kotlin used:

One of the major applications of Kotlin is Android development. Kotlin has helped developers in making android development easier and convenient.

  • It helps in making user friendly apps for various Android phones in very less time thus ensuring a significant increase in their productivity .
  • It has is used in app development .The apps developed are more robust , user friendly and exhibit various features imbibed in them.
  • Kotlin has helped in increasing the app performance.

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