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Hire a Facebook PPC Resource

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Wildnet Technolgies as a resource for advertising on Facebook

Wildnet Technologies is at the forefront of Digital Marketing. We offer the following key advertising strategies on Facebook:

  • Facebook audience identification – determine the nature of your audience. Estimate the size for a given location and factor the cost of reaching.
  • Page development – Tailor your Facebook page creatively and maintain it.
  • Page designing –Harness the power of visual appeal with creative images that is designed by Wildnet
  • Monitoring traffic – Using analytics Wildnet will track the campaign. In depth reporting system will keep you abreast of how many users visited your page.
  • ROI reports – Monthly performance reports will help you to analyze actual costs and the next course in your campaign.

Cost of advertising on Facebook

Facebook has redefined payment structures.

  • You can bid on cost per click (CPC) or
  • Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM).
  • You can decided how much you want to bid, or how much you want to budget per day.
  • You can bid as low as $1 for testing your campaign.

Once you get a feedback you can scale your budget.

Advantages of advertising on Facebook

Facebook contains a repository of detailed and specific information of its users. By advertising on Facebook you can:

  • Know your target audience
  • Target the right demographic
  • Reach local markets
  • Factor cost of reaching users
  • Target users visiting your website with mails

Hire a Facebook PPC resource

Every month over a billion users are on Facebook. This statistic is the single most consideration for advertising on Facebook. It has become the advertisement portal of choice for all ecommerce portals.

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Established in 2006, Wildnet Technologies is a pioneer in IT Consulting and Digital Marketing community. Our drive to satisfy our esteemed clients in meeting their online goals inspired a sense of passion & fascination in the Wildnet Family in becoming a fully-fledged Digital Marketing agency. Wildnet takes pride in being Google Certified Partner and a distinguished firm with recognitions and accolades to serve the growing needs of various businesses across the globe.