Information Architecture

Information architecture is a crucial road map upon which the final digital product rests. It helps envisage how your idea will transform into reality and as such, is key to providing a satisfying user experience.


It takes a great wireframe to deliver a fantastic user interface experience. Wireframing is a crucial tool for effective website development and mobile app development.

Premium UX Designing Services to Transform and Expand Your Business

Wildnet Technologies offers premium UX designing services that captivate, challenge and transform. We have a dedicated team of ardent designers, technologists and problem solvers who share a passion for about all things related to UX. We are always striving to push boundaries and it is our endeavor to create or improve digital products through research, testing and design.

Cutting Edge Research

We can create high performing, intuitive user interfaces for websites, mobile applications and software that engage and satisfy your target group. We believe that any successful digital product should start with high quality research. We employ a range of analytical research methods including contextual research with the aim to gather as much information as possible about your products, services, customers and stakeholders. This helps us gain strategic insights with which we move forward.

Real Time Testing

The next stage involves developing IA and wireframes to ensure that visual structure and information presentation is intuitive and corresponding with existing elements and expectations. Wireframing allows for clear representation of UI features and enables early stage testing of workflows, data structure and navigation. Using different methods, we conduct tests with users to gather feedback. We perform detailed analysis to gain insights into actionable design improvements that deliver consistently brilliant experiences across all channels.

Inspiring Visual Designs

We believe that information architecture alone is not enough to encourage user engagement – the look and feel of a design also matters. We meticulously design cohesive user centred designs that are a delight to work with and beautiful to look at. We pay special attention to front end code development so that your customers have a first class user experience from the very beginning. We strictly adhere to the latest standards for code development and provide technical support and assistance during integration with your back end system.

Quality UX design is a fine balance of interactive design, elegant interfaces and attractive front end code –Wildnet Technologies has the techniques, talent and technology to deliver on all three fronts.